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Q) My property has been photographed without my permission!

A) Please note that owners of private properties don’t own the airspace above their property. Property owners have no right to prevent ariel or roadside photography of their property, so long as the photographer is not trespassing. In terms of the law, trespass is defined as entering or interfering with private property without the owner's permission. Google view leads the way with this and sets the standard with photographs from planes and cars which are emulated in the industry worldwide. Google is not able to ask permission before taking such photos as this is not possible with the number of properties involved. We try our best to ensure that people’s faces are blurred from such photos as is the industry norm. Drones are protected aircraft under commercial licenses and any attempt to interfere with our aircraft is an instant jailable offence. 

Q) During your professional photoshoot, your photographers did not return all my items back to their original place.

A) Please remember that professional photoshoots are very time consuming, clients always want properties to look amazing. Your property should be in a professional clean state prior to our arrival to do your photoshoot. It is not our job to tidy and move items, however we have to move items on occasions in order to achieve the best results at the time of attending. We therefore will put items in tidy piles so that you know what has been moved for the photoshoot. It also allows you to know what ideally needs to be moved before viewings. If we do have to move numerous items that we will charge for our time / services. 

Q) I want my property photos / floor plans so that I can take them to my next agent.

A) All photographs / floor plans taken by PropertyPhotographix belong to PropertyPhotographix. These are given out on licence to our approved agents. You cannot take / copy print our photos / floor plans and give them to your chosen agent without our written permission.

Q) Top Tips to help improve my Professional Photoshoot please?


  • Remove all cars / vans / trailers / caravans / skips from driveways before we arrive.
  • Remove as many items as possible from the kitchen counters.
  • Remove fryers, steamers, cleaning products and washing bowls.
  • Dont wet floors or kitchen counters as the photographs will not look good!
  • Empty bathrooms and showers as much as possible. Toilet brushes and cleaning bottles do not look good in photos.
  • Clean dirty windows.
  • Remove all wheelie bins, these are very unsightly and very visable with drone photographs.
  • Tables to be a clear as possible.
  • Remove tablecloths / arm chair covers / throws. Go back to original items wherever possible.
  • If a sofa has a stain / or pet chew marks, then let us know so that we can photoshop this item.
  • Lots of sprawling untidy garden pots / dog mess will not improve your photos.
  • Cutting of lawns and hedges is a very good idea - but finish these tasks before we arrive please.


Q) Why are you late for my survey?

A) Due to the nature of our job, we try and arrive on time. However, there are times we may arrive late. This is normally because we have overrun on a previous survey. Or because we have had to wait for permission from the CAA to fly a drone at a set time to fit in with exiting air traffic.

 The time we give you is a rough indication of our arrival time and this can move. We will try and let you know as best we can on the day. Please note that there are times when we can't ring a client because mobile phone reception may not work in parts of Wales.

Q) How long will my survey take?


  •  EPC on its own up to 45 mins 
  • Drone Photos  on its own up to 30 minutes.
  • Floor Plans on its own up to 30 minutes.
  • Professional Photoshoot on its own up to 45 mins. Big houses like farm houses, will need 90 mins.
  • EPC / Floor plans / Professional Photos / Drone - Up to 2 hours.


Q) Can you remove my number plate and blur out faces from my family photographs


  • Number plates are now not genrally blurred out these days. Remember that your passport, drivers licence, vin number, NI number etc etc are all on the web now. Even google shows door numbers etc. Putting your vehicle registration on a photograph is no longer considered a problem.
  • Again the same is considered with family photos - if someone wants a photo of someone then Facebook photos are more detailed and readily copiable. Please remove photos which you do not want to be in our photoshoot. Blurring photos will incur an additional cost.
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